Okay…most of you probably won’t believe this, but I’m begining to think that change isn’t always bad…!!! :O) Yes, this is really me…I even included a picture so you’d know it wasn’t an imposter.. ;O) A scary picture, true, but sometimes you have to take what you can get.
But back to the subject of change. That’s all my life is about these days!! Well..for the past few years anyway. I moved FIVE times in a year and a half!! Now I’ve know some people that would scoff at that…but for a girl who despises packing that’s a pretty substantial number!! In fact, while I was unpacking boxes down here it was like Christmas over and over again…it’d been so long since I’d seen most of my stuff I’d forgotten I even owned it…which makes me think I didn’t really NEED it. Then again, it was nice to have more than a few books and alot of shoes!! But on the upside of not much stuff…I could usually move it all in a few carloads. :O) So there’s a positive side to everything I guess.
Here are just a few things that I’ve had to make adjustments for in my life in the past 8 months.

*Ok…here’s the obvious. It is BROILING HOT down here!!
*And another obvious. There’s this guy in my life that I have to attempt to keep happy..not
always an easy job. ;O) Not because of him, but because I’m not always great at making other
people happy. Shocker, I know.
*It actually gets light and dark down here when it’s supposed to. I miss the midnight softball
games, but it’s also nice to have a warm dark night because….
*Fireflies!!!! I love, love, love them!!
*One word–SPIDERS
*I’m constantly being serenaded. Jeremy can take my name (or some version of it) and
manage to make it fit in just about any song you can possibly imagine.
*Deciding what to make for dinner every day. At the moment that’s usually the toughest chore
of my day. I’ve tried the menu option and, well, most of you know how I am with lists. They
always disappear at crucial moments..
*Attempting to fit into another family. Granted, it’s probably the easiest family to get along
with, ever, but still not an easy thing. Comfort zones are so….comforting. :O)
*Um…if you go somewhere and leave, say, a stick of deoderant in the car….prepare yourself to
be the proud owner of a puddle of deoderant when you return.
*I’ve learned to swim and almost drowned. Seriously.
*I’ve learned to ride horses and almost died. Or atleast thought I was going to.
*I’m becoming an expert at killing fire ants and fire ant mounds.
*I can identify crawdads, crappie, bass, perch, and catfish.
*I’ve learned that grass doesn’t grown in the summer, silly, it dies in the summer…
*There are atleast twenty five million restraunts to choose from down here…and when there’s
a group of us going somewhere..usually atleast as many opinions. :O)
*Instead of counting down the days till summer, I’m counting down the days until winter.
*I’m having to learn to put someone else ahead of myself. Now there’s a good change!! :O)

I’m sure I could go on…I’m sure there’s more obvious things that I’m just not remembering at the moment….but for now, I have to go make that menu. ;O)