Been doing a bit of reminiscing lately….here are some of my favorite childhood memories. Oh, as a side note, my childhood memories means anything from age 2 to age 26 :O)
Here goes…

**Listening to “The King is Coming” in the motorhome with dad and Phil**

**Hearing the Living Waters sing at the conference in Arkansas while we were on deputation**

**Getting Ang riled up past the point of no return (was NOT hard) after we went to bed and
then running downstairs and telling mom and dad (sorry Ang)**

**The tour of my hometown, Temple, that my grandpa gave me on his motorcycle**

**Going through the Portland newspaper finding boats for my dad to call about after he got
home from work and earning money for each one he ended up buying**

**Practicing “Love Grew where the Blood Fell” with Phil, Ang, and…Heather (when she would)*

**Wimpy burgers from Roakes in Portland**

**When the only thing keeping me going on those killer bike rides to work was focusing on Phil’s
back tire (only a good memory now because it’s a memory)**

**The time I was so focused on Phils back tire that when he fell down (freak accident) I ran over
him cause I was too close (sorry Phil)**

**Getting letters from Jeremy when I was about ten**

**The family Star Wars marathons**

**The “Mr. Pickle” incident on deputation**

**When Caleb sang the Star Spangled Banner and didn’t know I was recording him till Mrs.
Hampton heard**

**When Angie used to “steal” us in the middle of the night and we’d stay up drinking Pepsi
and eating pizza**

**The double-decker bridge in Kentucky…or was it Ohio??**

**All the silly games Phil, Ang, and I made up when we didn’t have room for toys in the
motorhome….Abbin, Whino (probably not the best word for missionary kids to be shouting
out, but hey, we didn’t know any better)..etc.**

**Math flashcards with my mom…remember, and tremble, mom (I was NOT a stellar math
student back in the day)

**Ang throwing her wadded up assignment card out the bedroom window and then claiming she
had NO IDEA how it got out there!!**

**Dressing Heather up as a kindergarten teacher with that ridiculous wig and glasses and seeing
her win by the HUGELY popular vote of the whole school (she won the kindergarten contest)

**Making Heidi wear the poodle dress until she hated it (sorry Heidi–but you were so cute)

**The way Ty could make us all laugh even when he was a tiny little guy ( tiny as he got)
and even though he was usually being bad**

**Having nerf basketball tournaments every night with dad and Phil…and my counting wasn’t
as off as you guys always said!!!**

**Can hunting with dad**

**Begging mom to let us go shopping with her every Saturday in Portland**

**The trip to Alaska…except the million and three versions of “I’ve been working on the
railroad” (ahem…ANG)**

**Playing four-square with Amy and other classmates from Open Door**

**Sheldon, Elliott, Madison, and Rory**

**The first trip to Chitna Phil and I took with Dawn and Dawson**

**Going to camp in Oregon with Amanda right before we moved to Alaska**

**Playing in the mud puddles at Pleasant Valley (when I was little, not now)

**Dad giving his slide presentation**

**Mom singing “My House is Full” with Dawn and Dawson**

**Pastor Humphrey and Miss Suzie when they dressed up as Samson and Delilah**

**The day we played “court” at the Humphreys (Jordy, the chicken farmer whose chickens
caught chicken pox…hehehe)**

**Sitting on the stairs in Portland with Amanda…talking as fast as we could (probably about
Star Trek) and then getting out our coloring books…and those book-length weekly letters**

**The skit Phil and Trav put on about Pastor**

**Being in Bro. Gerths sunday school class**

**The road trips with Reb**

**The crazy silly stuff with Jordy**

**The famiy hikes through Oxbo Park**

**Making a quilt over about five years with Jo**

**Singing around the piano after church**

**Reading the “Two-Wheeled ATV” with Josh**

**When dad used to make the whole church sing “Come and Dine” before our potlucks in

**Ty’s eyebrows when he was a little guy**

**Mac and cheese, Dr. Pepper, and girlie movies with Jenn**

**The family trips to Olalie Lake and the sand dunes and the saltwater taffy from Tillamook**

**Riding the Skydiver (?? right name ??) with dad at the Rose Festival**

**Mom somehow always finding time to make us cookies when she had a zillion other things
going on all at once**

I’m sure I could go on..but these are some of my favorites.