Once upon a time, far, far, away in a very hot land….there were a group of happy people who wanted to get together and have a good time without melting. So the group of happy people decided to go to a skating rink where the ice would keep them cool. They set off on their noble steeds, whose names were Firebird and Impala and Red (a nickname, I can’t seem to recall Red’s real name), and travelled to the neighboring kingdom of Arlington, where the journey ended at the Dr. Pepper Stars Center. The happy group hurried inside to escape the blistering 100+ degree heat from a fire-breathing dragon (or was it the sun–hard to tell), who guarded the front entrance and was loathe to let them pass, just barely managing to escape with their lives. Once inside, the happy group was not so happy to learn that management would not give them the group discount, but they recovered quickly and were soon gleefully gliding on the ice. However, spirits were somewhat low as some of the happy group quickly discovered that skating was not as easy as it looked and several took immediate and painful nose dives. Happiness was waning, faces were sad, morale was at an all-time low…what to do, what to do!! So several of the boldest leaders of the group, Sir Jeremiah, Sir Jake, and Sir Jason, took it upon themselves to lighten the mood and finish out the day with a bang that would not soon be forgotten. Abandoning their previous high-speed chase, they slipped into dramatic poses and put on the most dazzling ice dancing performance in centuries. Their talent was unsurpassed, and made all the more impressive by the fact that they sang their own music, including the crowd-pleaser “His Banner Over Me is Love” as the grand finale. With dramatic posturing, graceful pirouettes, and dramatic spins, they had a captive audience who were swept to their feet in a standing ovation as they ended with the verse “he is the vine and we are the branches.” As the once-more happy group unlaced their skates and readied their swords even the prospect of once again facing the broiling heat of the dragon could not keep them from smiling. The day had been saved and they all lived happily ever after. The end.