Well not tons happening right now.
I’m going to an orientation in the morning to start substitute teaching. It’ll be nice to get out of the house I think…then again….who knows…I’ve kind of turned into a lazy bum.
Anyway, if they call me and I don’t want to work then I’m under no obligation. But this way I can see what I really think about teaching. And maybe earn a little bit of money while I’m at it.
Jeremy started classes again….he was going to wait until next semester when I start back but decided not to waste the time. Might as well get on it now while he knows he can. So right now I’m sitting in the computer lab waiting for him to get out of class. I didn’t want to sit at home by myself from eight to eleven so opted to hang out by myself at the college instead. ;O) Actually, my plan (ha) is to study my algebra so hopefully I wont have to re-take anything before jumping into my calc class. That’s the goal anyway.
We finally got a really good day of rain this week, just poured and thundered like crazy and we were all doing the happy dance. Okay…not REALLY. But inside our minds for sure. It seemed to cool it off a little..only been in the ninties this week so hooray for that!
One thing Texas has over Alaska is awesome storms. Gotta give em that. :O)
Well…like I said…don’t have too much to say. Just getting through life one day at a time.
Miss you all.