HA!! I bet I got some of yall with that title!!!! :O) Mrs. Humphrey..pick yourself up off the floor!! ;O)
So here’s the story…
Tuesday night Jeremy and I were finishing up our run and when we reached our house these two black little kittys ran up to the front door. They were so skinny that I thought for sure they were starving so Jeremy let me go get some cat food and now they’re mine!! Jeremy wont let them inside but they seem happy enough laying in the sun and eating and playing with me whenever I come out. The only problem is that they are identical…so I guess I’m going to have to buy them differnt colored collars before I name them. No one has coming looking for them and it’s been four days so I think I’m safe. Phew. I was hoping for that. Poor Jeremy, I think he was hoping for the exact opposite. They’re so cute!! Makes me miss Isabelle though….I hope she’s okay… :O(