Okay…I just sang through that entire song…not out loud…in my head…and quite lustily I might add (for any of you who think that is an off-color reference let me direct you to the definition (http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=lustily), and ANYWAYS…discovered that it’s very obviously a baseball-only song. And my topic is about football. Jeremy is a backup on the film crew for Mesquite High’s football team and worked last Friday night at a game. Let me tell ya…..that is one NICE stadium for a high school….Jeremy said they spent over a million dollars just on the turf….which gets trampled for heavens sake!!! Texans take their football seriously!!!! It was fun, even though I sat all by myself for most of the game…well, as all by myself as I could be while at the same time surrounded by hundreds of screaming fans. Jake and Josh are part of the regular film crew but are down on the sidelines instead of up in the press box where jeremy was enthroned. :O) Jake had me up on the screen a couple times I guess but I was too busy cheering too notice. Or reading my book…hmmm….
But really…it was fun and I even managed to cheer for the right team most of the time. Good grief..their uniforms were almost EXACTLY alike….
Well…the computer lab is about to close….I meant to write more but guess I’ll have to do it another day.
Merry Thursday to all…and to all a good night!!