Jeremy took me camping this past weekend at Purtis Creek State Park….it was great!! I haven’t been camping in FOREVER…okay….at least since last June if I remember right (the great day-after-Jeremy-left backpacking trip that was awesome but I was pretty much too tired to enjoy to the fullest). Anyway, we were out there Friday afternoon through Saturday morning. After we set up camp we hiked the trail (a couple miles I think) in an attempt to become one with nature and spot some wildlife. :O) We were probably too loud…okay, I was probably too loud to do much wildlife spotting. We did see a huge flock of vultures although I never did get a good picture of them and several little red ant-like bugs that ran across the path. Oh, and one HUGE squirrel. We made it back to the campsite and ate our hot dogs ravenously, then walked to the pier to catch the sunset. It was pretty awesome. After dark we tried to fish for a while off the pier but didn’t have any luck. I was coming down with a cold or an allergy attack or something so we went back to the camp and read for a while before attempting to go to sleep. Okay people…I’ve never camped in a place where it didn’t get FREEZING COLD after dark but let me tell ya…..there was no wind…and it didn’t cool down. We slept on top of the sleeping bags…well, if you can call what we were doing sleeping. More like halfhearted dozing. But all in all that was the only downside of the whole trip. Except….the CHIGGERS!!!! dum-du-du-dum….. I didn’t realize I was being chewed on until I got home the next day. I’m still suffering. I HATE, absolutely DESPISE chiggers. Wretched little beasts.
The next morning we rented a canoe after breaking camp and spend an hour seeing how fast we could row around the lake. :O) I would have chosen a paddleboat but Jeremy is a man of speed. I’ve never seen lily pads up close before..they were all over the edges of the lake. I didn’t realize how HUGE most of them are!!! It was fun though, and hopefully I’ll have some pictures to share soon.
Next time I’ll tell about the kid we met on the pier and the fun little adventure with the friendly park ranger.
Goodnite!! Don’t let the chiggers bite!!