So….this is a picture I found in a magazine and am seriously thinking about trying out the shelves in my living room. Of course, MY living room doesn’t look like something out of a magazine, but I’m thinking the idea might work. :O) I just adore all the frames!!! So…tell me what yall think. I know, I know, everyone but Donna is probably going to say…”GREEN ROSES???” But I’m only asking opinions about the shelves. :O) Besides, it would give me a chance to have alot of black and white photos out. YAY!! ;O)
I love magazine ideas!! I’ve been receiving (see…I do know the i before e rule, mom…all that hard work paid off!!! Although…I have to admit, I typed it wrong first…always…)magazines from both my mother and mother-in-law and one lady at a garage sale gave me a whole bunch for free….along the lines of Better Homes and Gardens, Victoria, Family Circle, etc. So….I love the craft and decorating ideas (and of course the recipes!!) but decided that having them sitting around in stacks just wasn’t going to happen. So I’ve been happily clipping all the articles and pictures I want out of them and putting them into a “craft-to-do” scrapbook. Besides, who has all the time and money to do everything RIGHT NOW anyway?? :O) So when I want something new to try I can just go to my trusty scrapbook. Well that’s my theory anyway. I haven’t actually MADE the scrapbook yet…I know, story of my life. But I’m going to start pasting just as soon as I post this. Promise…cross my heart.. :O)
So adios!!!