His Excellency by Joseph Ellis. Odd, until I just looked at the authors name, I thought for sure it was a woman who wrote it. Weird how preconceptions work…is preconception even the right word for what I’m trying to say? This might be a “confused” day….uh-oh.
Anyway, it’s a good biography (George Washington) and guess what this means!! I’ve FINALLY started my life-long goal of reading a biography on every president!!! I’ve been talking about it….for…well….probably longer than I worked on that quilt. And that is saying SOMETHING!!!
Actually, I did start Truman a couple months ago but I think I only got a few pages into it before I had to return it to the library. Libraries in Texas only give you TWO weeks to read a book!!! And I’ve never been the kind of person to go to the library and come home with less than five or ten (or fifteen) books. What kind of person only checks out one book??!!!
Anyway, I recommend this book. Turns out George Washington was a very arrogant man. Figures.