Jake, Jeremy, and I went to the air show in Fort Worth this weekend. It was pretty much like the show at Eielson except a little bigger. We didnt end up going into any of the planes but we did see the inside of a helicopter which I haven’t done anymore. All I have to say is that it was HOT inside and whoever flies those things has to understand about four gazillion levers and switches. There wasn’t a single space inside the cockpit that wasn’t covered with a button or switch. The thunderbirds were awesome as usual….I always forget how LOUD they are. :O)
Yall think getting out of Eielson is bad after a show…try getting out of Fort Worth. We were in traffic for TWO HOURS before we even got back onto the freeway. And the airport was right off the freeway. Literally. It was ridiculous!!! And broiling hot!! We actually didnt make it back to the house for four hours….Jake had an errand to run…I’ve actually developed quite a complicated conspiracy theory about this errand..but it’s jakes conspiracy and my theory so if you want to know about it you’ll have to get the story from him!! ;O)
All in all it was pretty fun, I think we were all ready to get OUT OF THAT CAR though!! I know I was…backseats of Camaro’s just lose their appeal after three or four hours….
The pictures of the planes aren’t the greatest, I didn’t want to lug my camera with me so we just used Jeremy’s little digital one. Oh….FYI….helicopter blades are HUMONGOUS!! Like twenty or thirty feet long and a couple inches thick. Why did I always think they were flimsy little things? I guess I’m the stupidhead….