There’s not really much going on right now. I had my first call to substitute teach at the high school this morning, but unfortunately they needed me this afternoon and Jeremy had already left for work so I have no way to get there. Oh well.
As Jeremy and I were running in the 100 degree heat yesterday evening I started thinking….”who cares if I’m fat?? Nothing is worth this torture!!!” But of course I’ll be out there again on Friday. I’ve almost made it past the all the hot months so I might as well not give up now. Still…I am usually thinking murderous thoughts towards Texas as I’m out there.
I finally finished His Excellency and am moving on to Bill Clintons autobiography, My Life. I actually read most of a biography on him and it was highly revolting, but I want to see what he has to say about himself. I’m already reading a book on President Bush and thoroughly enjoying it, especially after what I was reading about the Clinton administration. YUK!!
I finally found out what my nephews name was. It kind of surprised me because the first name doesn’t sound anything like something Phil would name his boy and then second name sounds like something Jenn would refuse to call anything human. Don’t take offense to that guys….those were just my thoughts. I didn’t realize that when Phil said he was looking through his knife and sword magazines for name ideas that he was serious!! Well Jenn, you’re a better person than I am, because I think if Jeremy tried to get me to name one of our children after some sort of claw I would freak out. But that’s ok…I’ll just never refer to his middle name. :O) Anyway, he’s such a cutie, who will ever think past that little round face??
Oh…back to the Clinton subject….I don’t know how many of you readers have actually looked for a book to read on him, but at all the libraries I’ve ever looked this is what I’ve found: his autobiography (usually a couple copies…the Mesquite library had about seven on the shelf), about ten others all regarding his marriage and infidelity, etc., and then about five BILLION about Hillary Clinton. Interesting, isn’t it? :O) I guess old “Slick Willy” just didn’t have anything remarkable to contribute to history other than being a womanizer.
Well, I need to go try to help Jeremy update his resume. Catch ya’ll later!!