I promised I would keep posting while I’m up here so I’m attempting to not be a liar. It’s hard after living around Jake for so long….!!! (Joke, Jake)
Anyways this is the first minute I’ve had to sit down where I wasn’t so exhausted that I felt like it would be an impossible chore to write. So here’s a brief synopsis of the time I’ve been here so far….and just a warning, this is probably only going to be interesting for certain Texans since most of the rest of you have been around for this stuff. :O)
Heather and I arrived in Fairbanks around eleven on Wednesday night. Phil had figured out that I was coming before I got there and turns out that the secret had leaked pretty well so that it wasn’t really a secret anymore, but I DID surprise a few people.. :O) So I was happy. And heather surprised everyone. Mom, Jenn, Ang, and Heidi almost had heart attacks. We didn’t get in bed till after two since we woke everyone up when we came home (on purpose) and had to catch up atleast a little bit before hitting the rack.
Thursday night was Phils “surprise party.” Turns out that no one up here can keep a secret no matter how hard they try. But…surprise or not, we had a good time. Jenn made TEN pies that day. Round of applause everyone, please. I dont know how she did it.
Friday I spent most of the day at Phil and Jenns playing with the boys, holding my new nephew and yakking with Jenn. Saturday I did grocery shopping with mom in the morning and went to a Nanooks game (hockey) that night. I’m usually their bad luck charm but they actually managed to tie the game that time. :O)
Today was church and I got to see Tori and Lanae finally. I’ve been trying to track them down ever since I got here. :O)
We had a big moose roast dinner for lunch…reminded me of old times…yum… :O) And I even got to talk to Jeremy for a couple minutes….nice of him to squeeze me in, huh?!!! I leave for a day and he starts having wild parties and shooting guns and stuff. (i had more typed here but erased cause I figured the price I’d pay would be way too high…see, maybe I AM learning!!)
Anwyays, I think tomorrow I’m going to track down some of my old bank friends and who knows what else. Hopefully work out since I’ve already slacked for one week….OOPS. But good grief, I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired.
Last night it started snowing and hasn’t stopped since. It’s beautiful and just what I was hoping for.
So….just for Jeremy….I’d like to sing a song….
“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire….Jack Frost nipping at my nose….”
Love and miss all you Texans.
I’ll post more later.