Anybody remember the first few years I lived up here? I didn’t take my coat off for anything, not ever showering.
I’m pretty much feeling that way again.
Plus I’m sneezing and sniffling and stuff.
Thanks alot, Alaska.
It’s been snowing for days. Nothing heavy, just a little bit at a time, beautiful snow. I just wish it wasn’t cold!!
Jeremy if you ever want some good Chinese food you have to come up here for some Pagoda. It’s the world’s best. Seriously. Heidi took Heather and I out for lunch today. Mongolian Beef..yum. :O)
I’m probably going to gain about 37 pounds while I’m here. To make up for my guilty feelings I went and ran on Phil’s treadmill tonight. So that makes two times since I’ve been here that I worked out. So if I die on the hike I’ll have no one to blame but myself. And what’s the fun in that?