• Heaters – now I know all you Alaskans are scoffing at this, but I’m COLD…this wind is killing me
  • A President who actually talks to GOD when he prays
  • That I’m not hanging over the toilet puking at the moment
  • That my little nectarine tree is still alive (I think) even though the ferocious wind has bent it almost to the ground a few times
  • That my husband says he is going to love me even when I’m so fat that I waddle (and he better)
  • That I had the chance to visit all my family and friends in Alaska this year
  • That my new family is so awesome
  • That I have a beautiful house with a giant bed (this has been very important lately…I’ve been sleeping a LOT) and a piano that gathers dust. ;O)
  • That Walmart retracted their support of gays and lesbians so now I can shop there again
  • That Jeremy hasn’t banned me from Bath & Body Works for spending all our money there….
  • That for some strange reason now that I can’t drink sodas I haven’t even had the tiniest craving for one…that was an area of great concern with me…
  • That even when I’m feeling all alone down here I can read my Bible and pray for a while and know that everything is happening just like God planned for me and that it’s the best plan ever
  • That Jeremy and I have survived the first year of marriage with only a few scratches and bruises :O) (and had a pretty good time surviving)
  • That there’s a good church down here that I can be a part of
  • That Jonny and Davy remembered me

There’s a lot more people but I have to get started cooking!! Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving, my thoughts will be with you, I wish my mouth could too!! ;O)