Okay, so I promised who knows how many people when I left Alaska that I would keep in better touch and so far I’ve done the exact opposite–dug a little hole in the sand down here and buried my head in it. I’m not avoiding anyone, exactly, just haven’t felt well and yeah, I’m kind of unsociable right now.
So…anyone have any ideas for helping morning/afternoon/evening/night/all the in-between times sickness?? I’ve tried papaya, ginger, B-6, and peppermint tea and so far nothing is working. I’m pretty much holding out hope (as in, clutching with both hands for all I’m worth) that it’s going to pass in another month or so.
We had another busy week, Jeremy had Wednesday through Friday off. Thursday we went over to the Lewis house and had a big meal, un-Thanksgiving fare, but TASTY. Then Friday we went down to Waco to see some of the Lewis family (Billys sister was down from Missouri) and went to a sort of Amish-like festival. The people aren’t Amish but it was that kind of idea, all homemade stuff and old-style farming and stuff. I guess some people live out there all year long and teach kids how to do things the old way. It was really cool and they had some killer food there too. :O)
Then Saturday we went out to east Texas to Perrys house (billys brother) and met all the rest of the Lewis family there for our Thanksgiving dinner. And people, there are a LOT of Lewises. :O) It was fun, I met some family for the first time and the guys rode the horses and we ate alot and listened to all the brother-sister stories that were going around. I learned some new stuff about my father-in-law. Their stories are always hilarious.
Well I have alot of laundry to catch up on so I better go. I have some pictures from the fair in October that I’ve been meaning to post, I’ll try to get that done a little later.