Guess what everyone? I almost feel like a human again!!! :O) Atleast I have for the past two days…and after last week I am REJOICING in being able to do housework again!! :O)
I went on Saturday to a midwife clinic in Garland and had a sort of interview/tour of the place. She was nice, I liked her, so I think as long as everything progresses normally we’ll probably be using her. She says my due date is July 6th. Weird, cause I had it figured as later than that, but I dont really understand the system either so I’ll take her number!! Besides, that puts me further along and closer to that hopefully no more morning sickness point!! As it turns out I’ve lost weight, but hey, I won’t complain about that!! Especially since I’m about to gain a thousand and twelve pounds!!!
We bought a Christmas tree last night and it smells soooooo good. Just like Oregon. :O) Course we don’t have any ornaments but I’ll take care of that soon enough. Well, I feel like I’ve been on here forever cause I’ve been posting pictures so I think I’ll call it a day…maybe even a week… :O)