So yesterday we were at church and in the middle of the song service a guy with a monkey walks in!! Weird, right? And…the monkey had a diaper on…which I guess we should be thankful for….but still….WOW. This guy had a chain that went from monkeys neck to his own….and he kept talking to it trying to keep it quiet….let me tell ya…i’ve never seen that happen in church before!! :O) I just want to know how you come across a monkey?? I’ve never seen one for sale before….
I was sick yesterday afternoon and evening so I stayed home in bed and asked Jeremy to pick up a couple of yogurts and apples and a bag of cat food on the way home from church. Well I walk into the kitchen after he came home and on the counter there are not one, not two, not even five, but TEN bags of shredded mini wheats!!! TEN BAGS!!! Heheheheheheehe…
Friday night Jeremy took me to a park in Mesquite that was having a sort of holiday festival…there were lots of lights and some kids singing and free hot chocolate and cookies…it was fun but pretty cold although the wind wasn’t blowing so it was bearable.
Saturday we went to Temple to pick up my grandparents van for my parents to use while they’re here. Grandma is…well, grandma. She’s always fun. :O) Grandpa just doesn’t talk at all anymore but he knows who i am so that makes me happy. When I hugged him goodbye he didn’t want to let me go.
I followed Jeremy home in the car and let me tell ya something. NEVER follow Jeremy anywhere!!!! He got on the freeway and that’s the last I saw of him. He says i was going too slow but HELLO!! there were cops behind me and semis in front of me and i was going over the speed limit so WHATEVER!! I cant help it that I cant drive like a wild man.
So anyways, those were our weekend adventures.
I desperately need to go shopping….we’re down to the 12 days of christmas and I haven’t seen a single partridge in a pear tree yet….do you think a sparrow in a nectarine tree would substitute? :O) I definately know what the tenth day is going to bring…..shredded wheat!!!