There once lived a girl,
Her friends called her Bek,
She had it together,
She wasn’t a wreck!

She married a guy and moved far away,
With all of her friends she no longer could play,
And soon she gave up writing them every day,
It was too hard and so she said – “No way!”

She started a blog so all her pals could read
About the new and warm life she did lead,
And soon for more and more posts they did plead (hehe).
For her words her friends were all filled with great greed!! (It’s a stretch…I know)

But all of a sudden, she did write no more,
It wasn’t because she was suddenly poor
She hadn’t walked or ran into a door
She hadnt got lost or left in the store.

The problem was that so sick she had grown
All she could do was just lay down and moan
And hold onto her tummy and utter a groan

Then many weeks later she said – That’s enough!
I’m tired of dealing with this yukky stuff,
It’s making me grouchy and grumpy and gruff.

So off to the doctor she went and recieved
Something for which she rejoiced for, not grieved,
Some wonderful pills – oh how they relieved!

But then a whole new woe did arise
The child that was growing was such a surprise,
All it wanted to eat was french fries!!

And so now, this Bek, she still posts so rarely,
Because shes so big she can move oh so barely!!

But she’s here to say that she loves you all still
And she especially misses ole Phil the Pill
So as the Humphreys would say…what’s the big dill??
If I die, I’ll remember you all in my will!!
Cause last I saw, Bek was heading over the hill…