It’s about 75 out today, the sun is shining, it’s perfect. I mowed the yard for the first time this year and the grass is actually growing very well underneath all the weeds I hacked through. Somehow over this past winter our yard has been taken over by these little purple flower weeds and they were everywhere. I also planted my gladiolus bulbs and have a couple of hyacinth and tulips that I transplanted into bigger pots that are just about to bloom. I’m loving the sunshine and warmth, I know the winters down here aren’t very long but who can resist spring?
Our nectarine tree is starting to get buds on it already although our little oak tree in the front hasn’t. The seeds for the garden are all sprouting except the jalepenos, watermelons, and strawberries and I’m expecting to see them start growing any day. I can hardly wait to get our ground tilled and start growing veggies. We even bought some grape bushes/vines/whatever the other day to grow on our fence….I can’t wait!!!
Well, enough about plants, I guess not everyone gets excited about that kind of thing….
I’ve decided not to use a midwife after all…my appointments kept getting cancelled…it was always for a good reason, but kind of made us feel that they didn’t have time for us. I found another doctor that I’ll be going to see tomorrow, so I’ll be using a hospital in Mesquite. It ended up working out well cause it’s closer and hopefully I’ll actually manage to have regular visits.
I’ve been feeling pretty good except for my back which is all jacked up but I’m going to try to go see a chiropractor or something soon. I kept waiting for it to stop hurting but it’s getting worse so maybe an adjustment would help.
Jeremy and I will be both be going to Alaska in April for Ang’s wedding. We’ll be there the week before…so I’m hoping that some miracle will cause the ground to dry up a month early :O) Breakup is NOT my favorite time of year.
I was begining to wonder if this child would ever start moving and now I’m wondering if it will ever stop. It’s kind of a weird feeling….. He (or she, whatever) gets pretty irritated when it’s hungry….Jeremy says it’s a Lewis thing ;O)
Well, other than obssessing about cutting my hair off, that’s about all I’ve been doing. Oh…and sort of starting to plan the baby room and working on my wedding scrapbook (finally!!), trying to find maternity clothes that dont cost a fortune, planning curtains (again…finally), and just general cleaning and stuff. Atleast I have the energy to do it now!