The bluebonnets are out!! Springtime in Texas is really quite nice. We finally had a gigantic rainstorm last night…the weathermen have been calling for rain for about a week and a half now….do those forecasters EVER know what they’re talking about?
Jeremy and I bought a car last night, it’s some kind of Chevrolet station wagon. Jeremy is excited because it’s the fastest station wagon he’s ever heard of. :O) He said they used to race Mustangs and beat them…hehehe…not that WE’LL be racing…ahem. But atleast I wont need a crane to get me in and out of this car like I do with the Firebird… Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration but sometimes I feel like it would help.
This is my 26th week. 40 seems like a zillion years away. But atleast I feel pretty good these days.
I went to start some baby registries at the store and holy smokes!! Baby stuff is expensive….formula prices are out of this world, Jeremy may have to get a second job just to keep our child fed!!
Little girl clothes are so cute though… ;O) They give me a warm fuzzy feeling just looking at them. Oh wait, that may be my legs, it’s hard to reach them to shave these days….!!!