It’s been a busy couple of days!!
Jeremy had last Friday off and we got a bunch of stuff done around the house that we’d been putting off for a while. :O)
And guess what…his grandma Carolyn and aunts Alicia and Tammy bought us a crib, changing table, and bedding set!!! They were in the Dallas area Friday so they brought it up to us…it’s all really nice stuff and we were very excited to get it. Once I get it all arranged and stuff I’ll be sure to post a picture.
Saturday we had a get-together at our house in appreciation of Jeremys mom, Elaine. We also had an Easter egg hunt for Audrey and Noah and grilled a bunch of burgers (Jeremys dad did that part….he’s the hamburger grilling guru).
Michelles mom brought us a cradle that we can use in our room for the first few months so we’re all set!! Okay, not completely, but ALOT closer than we were just a few days ago!! :O) Anyway, the weirdest thing happened on Saturday….it snowed!!! None of it stuck or anything, but it was COLD!!! I guess that’s what we get for assuming April is warm enough to have an outside BBQ party…DUH!! :O)
My glucose test came back high so I had to go take the 3 hour test yesterday. Hopefully everything goes well with that…
My father in law called yesterday to see if I could fill in for their receptionist this week, so that’s what I’m doing now. I feel like a complete slacker cause all I have to do is answer the phone when it rings. And it doesn’t do it all that much…
Jeremy and I leave Saturday afternoon for Alaska. I’m looking forward to being there and seeing everyone, especially my nephews. I have to remind them who they love best. ;O) Oh…and I HAD a plan to ensure that, i was going to buy them a little swimmer turtle that was SO CUTE but then I found out that they carry salmonella or however you spell that and that they’re actually illegal to own that small so there went that idea. Bummer, cause I wanted one for myself too…. ah well, life is full of dissapointments.
Well, I’ve rambled for long enough I think.