Well, Jeremy and I made it to Alaska for Ang’s wedding, which was beautiful by the way. My camera decided to start blinking “HELP!!” (literally, that’s what it says) so I came away with NO pictures at all, but I’ll be getting some real soon from one of my sisters…ahem. And when I get them, I will post them. Including the long awaited “pregnant Bek” picture, although why it’s so important to see me in hippo sized proportions I will never understand. I had Ang lop all my hair off when I was up there and even though Jeremy acted real grumpy about it at first, he’s either decided he likes it well enough or decided that he’s got to live with me either way. For better or worse, baby. :O) I however, love it because all i have to do is wash it and maybe run my fingers through it to brush it and part it a little. YES!! Now that is what I’ve been needing. It did make me kind of sad to cut off all that hair though…took a long time to grow it out, but it was just a little too unruly in this Texas humidity. Okay, enough about the hair, now that I’ve managed to bore you all out of your minds.
Ang and Josh drove off to their happily ever after…which was Anchorage I guess….once they got their car started that is. If you want details on that you’ll have to ask Phil, Jeremy, or Ty….the terrible trio of groomsmen. In fact, Josh is probably still cursing the decision to have them stand up with him…. :O) Actually, as far as guys go, they really aren’t that bad. Mikey was the real troublemaker….!!!! Probably on account of the fact that he was real mad that I wasn’t the maid of honor…he really wanted to escort me and “THE CHILD” up and down that aisle…sorry Mikey, maybe next time…..if you become best friends with whoever Heidi marries….although by that time I may have to be pushed down the aisle (wheelchair races!!!). And Jeremy even managed to look pleasant standing up there (besides being the most handsome guy there…well, I think so anyway) even though he despises weddings with all his heart…or so he says. I have to admit, waltzing down the aisle at 200 pounds wasn’t exactly my idea of fun either. And yes, that’s a little exaggerated, but that’s for sure what it FEELS like.
The rest of the trip was fun, it flew by way too fast. I got to spend lots of time with my adorable nephews, well, the youngest is adorable and the two oldest are just loads of fun. We came away with lots of new memories to laugh about, like them singing “Two little monkeys jumping on the bed” at the top of their lungs in the Sams cafeteria. Hmm….I wonder which two little monkeys were their real life inspiration? Jenn looks so fabulous that I’ve decided that formula might not be the best way to go for THE CHILD after all. ;O) And Phil finally got the tickets to come visit in October so now he’s committed and STUCK!! I can’t wait!!!!
Turns out my mom and Heidi are planning a trip this fall too to see both of the new grandkids/niece/nephew…whatever….and Ang says she’ll be here in July…so whoo–hoo!!! I guess if I want to see my family I just need to pop out a kid. Although…as I’m finding out, “popping out” a kid isn’t really my forte. Those women that say pregnancy is wonderful are flat out lying. Or crazy. But, hey, to each her own.
Speaking of THE CHILD, we had our second sonogram yesterday and everything is just great. She’s even upside down, which sounds uncomfortable to me and would almost make me feel sorry for her, except for the incessant kicking all night long, but according to the doctor that’s the position she’s supposed to be in for a convenient exit. So, PHEW!! The whole cesarean idea just makes me cringe to think about. Actually, birth in general makes me cringe but if I ever want to STOP being pregnant I had better get ready for it. She’s the right size, not a monster yet, and we could see that she has fingers and a nose and lips and stuff.
Nine weeks left folks!! Although she could come closer to 36 weeks as far as I’m concerned….I won’t complain….
My garden is doing beautifully. All those cabbage and broccoli and cauliflower plants that looked like they had died decided life was worth living after all and look spectacular now. I’m not sure what changed their minds….
Well, I still haven’t done much with the nursery but I’m planning on starting to work on that today. Just been playing catch up since I’ve been home, but I’m pretty much caught up now so my procrastinations will just have to end.
Anybody have any suggestions on what an affordable, good digital camera is? We’ve been talking about needing one and now that my old faithful camera is blinking HELP!! I’m thinking it may be time….
There’s probably more that I’m forgetting to write about, but I guess I can always post again if I think of it….now there’s a concept….hehehehe. Is this long enough for you Jake?