I might get beat up over this. These are some of my favorites of Heathers poems; I am posting them because I’m proud of her and because they speak to my heart.

Black and Whites

The girls smile with flowers in their hair,
while the young men laugh, posing ridiculously.
These halting remains of a noisy day
guide me through the memories like a silent movie-
the kind with a moral,
where the lonely hero is victorious at the end
because he has made the right choice.

While I gaze into these beloved faces
I learn that heroes don’t come on white horses at all,
but with hula shirts and bare feet and wide-open hearts.

In Thanksgiving

As I kneel with head bowed, eyes closed
I search for words to express
what I hold in heart.

For mercy, love:
‘thanks’ is somehow inadequate
and I struggle to separate gratitude
from trite prayer.
Common words are all I have
so I only hope you can hear
what I am unable to say.

Thank you-
for the sun on my face.
For the colors of happiness
for the rough of sand under my feet
and the way the roar of the surf lingers in my ears
long after I’m gone from the sea.


The late September air
teaches me about myself:
I learn that I am young enough still
to take pleasure in finding autumn love.

I am with you, Linus, in your watching;
the expectations in my heart are exposed
as the days grown longer.
Pumpkin-shaped dreams are harvested
in the clove-scented night,
and all my joys are colored
orange, orange, orange.