I thought I read that by now the child is supposed to be so cramped for room that she cant move all that much…??? I swear, she’s in there doing gymnastics though!! Actually if feels more like karate or tai-kwan-do or however you spell that. Only it feels like she has about ten arms and legs whirling around in there…
Sooooooo……ladies, home remedies to put yourself into labor??? I’ll be waiting to hear from you. Oh, I’m not willing to try caster oil….yet.
My baby shower was on Saturday and was alot of fun. Most of the church ladies came and a bunch of Jeremys family drove from Waco and Emory to be here. Let me tell you, this child has TONS of clothes!!! And cute ones too. One of these days when I get a camera I’m going to post a picture of the nursery on here. I actually got to the hanging up pictures on the wall stage today and hopefully by tomorrow everything will be in it’s place and I can move on to some other fascinating hobby like twiddling my thumbs or watching my ankles swell. ;O) Just kidding….I still have a LOT of work to put into my wedding scrapbook…like….almost all of it still needs to be done. hehee….I bet that surprises all of you, doesn’t it? To tell the truth, I haven’t even made one page yet. But I have worked on it…I’m just very slow when it comes to creativity. Plus I always have SO MANY projects that I want to work on that I kind of just jump from one to another….it takes a while to finish when you work that way. Like my kitchen table that STILL isn’t completely stripped….whoops. But the nursery is ready people!! All it needs is a child to mess it all up…
Um, no pictures of the shower, my camera is on the blink and no one else remembered to bring one. Sorry. I’ll probably be even sorrier when I go to make my baby scrapbook in twenty years….oh well.
Oh….on a tiny victorious note…one of my withered gladiolus actually tried to bloom this week….before it decided to die. I just can’t seem to win with gladiolus.
As for our garden, we have tons of squash, tomatoes and jalepenos but everything else has pretty much been killed by the floods we’ve had this year. Zucchini, anyone? :O)