Here are some pictures of our car. A drunk guy hit us on the fourth of July…thankfully no one was hurt much, just a few scrapes and bruises. It was the scariest I’ve ever been through, Susannah was only six days old and it was the first time we’d taken her out. We ended up having the ambulance take her to Childrens Hospital just to make sure everything was okay, and she checked out just fine, but it was so sad to see her strapped down and crying. Poor baby just wanted to be held. Anyways, the guy ran from the accident scene before the cops got there and it looks like there was no insurance on the car so we probably just lose out on our vehicle but thankfully that’s all. It could have been so much worse, so we have alot to thank God for. I feel bad for Jeremy though, he was in love with this car….Corvette motor, you know.. :O)