We took Susannah to get her picture taken this weekend…she did so good. When I get them back I’ll be sure to post a few. She’s getting so chubby!! I can’t believe how much she’s already grown, it’s almost like I don’t have a little tiny baby anymore. Good grief, all that work and she’s already starting to act independent..pushing herself away and stuff. ;O) Actually, she loves being held, what baby doesn’t? But she does seem to be extraordinarily strong, she’s held her head up since the day she was born and she can push herself off my lap with her legs if I don’t hold on to her really well. Jeremy and I are enjoying being parents so far. She doesn’t really give us much trouble yet!! :O) Even sleeps through most of the night. Jeremy calls her “Susalito”….I guess it’s his version of a Spanish Susannah. She gets very spoiled on Sundays and Wednesdays…then she wants to be held all day on Monday. ;O) I remember Jenn having trouble with her boys on Mondays….of course, I was usually there to make it worse for her by picking them up. I sure do miss my Jonny and Davy….Jesse too, but I’m not sure I was around enough to become a favorite auntie. Having Susannah makes it a little easier to not be around them…it’s not the same of course, but atleast I have a cute kid around to make me happy. :O)
I think I need to invent a pacifier that has little ear rubber bands or something to make it stay on…she waits until i walk away to spit it out so i have to come back and put it in her mouth again. Babies aren’t stupid, people.
Well, let’s see, not too much else going on. Heidi should be back in Alaska now, I’m sure she and Heather had a blast together. Now I’m just waiting for the next batch of family to come visit, which should be Josh and Ang in September. Yay!! Can’t wait!! I miss my fights with Ang. :O)