Hey, I’m actually going to try to sit down and write something instead of just posting pictures!! :O) Applause, please…
Well, let’s see…Susannah is growing like a weed. She’s huge!! It doesn’t quite seem fair that you do all that work to cook them up and then they don’t even stay tiny for more than a couple of weeks. But I guess that means she’s healthy…hopefully. I’m taking her to her two month checkup tomorrow morning and words can’t even describe how much I’m dreading them giving her shots. She’ll blame me, right? I’m probably going to cry…
Let me tell you about the multiple disasters on Friday night…I was about to pull my hair out!! First, I made some friendship bread so I took the starts with me to the prayer meeting at church to see if anyone wanted one. Well, brilliant person that I am, decided to leave them in the car….NOT the best idea I’ve ever had. So of course I forgot about them and OF COURSE they decided to explode..or leak…doesn’t matter which, cause it was the same result. So…gnarly yeasty stuff all over the backseat. Disaster number one.
Well, I get home and start cleaning that up and Susannah is screaming cause she wants to eat. So Jeremy takes over on the yeast front and I sit down to feed the little piranha. All of a sudden there’s this sonic boom coming from the general vicinity of her diaper. I’m thinking…”UH-OH..that does NOT sound good…” So I take a peek and she has somehow completely missed getting anything on herself but managed to get yellow goop all over my skirt and the rocking chair. Now, how is that even possible? And how much force must be behind something like that?!! :O)Turns out my daughter has incredible aim. Disaster number two.
So, then I’m trying to clean myself and the chair and the diaper up and she decides to barf all down my shirt. Disaster number three.
Oh yes, and I’d somehow already gotten something (probably the beastly yeast mix) all over the back of my shirt.
So in reality I was the walking disaster.
So to make me feel better Jeremy actually sat through about half of Fiddler on the Roof after we had cleaned up everything that was smelling bad. :O)
I bought a Betta fish, he is blue and very snobby as it turns out. He refused for an entire week to eat the Betta food I bought so I researched it out a little and tried these nasty freeze dried blood worms which they supposedly love. Now he porks them down as fast as I’ll give them to him. No cheap Betta food for Sparky (so named by Noah)!!! He wants only the best….it was all i could do to buy those things…they just sound so GROSS. I don’t even want to know why they’re called blood worms.
Jeremy bought me a bracelet for my birthday that has Susannah’s name spelled out in little silver blocks. It’s really pretty, silver with pearls. I love it!! Who would’ve thought that Jeremy would be such a thoughtful gift-giver? :O) But turns out that he is.
My grandpa plant is almost completely dead. I’m not sure what I did wrong because it was growing like crazy for the first few months. It just up and decided to croak one day I guess. I also had absolutely no luck with my gladiolus so I GIVE UP!! My lilies and roses are doing pretty well though so I shouldn’t complain too much. Jeremy pulled the bushes out of the front so we’re going to make a little rock garden up there. Any suggestions?
I just finished a Ted Dekker book called Three…it was pretty good. He’s a very good storyteller for sure, one of the best, at least as far as the Christian authors go.
We’ve only had one week of 100+ weather this summer. Unheard of. :O) We’re still looking forward to Autumn…
Ang and Josh are coming down at the end of September and then Phil and Jenn in October and then we’re going to Colorado in November (over Thanksgiving) and there’s a possibility of mom and dad being here over Christmas and Heather and Caleb will be here a few days in December so I’m psyched!! Yay for family!! I miss everyone so much.