…you have itchy red bumps on your….ribcage? Now, how on EARTH could I have gotten poison ivy there? Strange, I don’t recall wearing a bikini lately….
I’m not positive that’s what it is, but Jeremy is thinking so. I really really hope I haven’t passed it on to Susannah…so far the blisters haven’t opened so I don’t think so.

My starter party for PartyLite is tonight….I think it’s going to pretty much be a flop. The only people who are coming for sure are Elaine and Michelle. I invited over twenty people down here too….what’s wrong with everyone? Free food and candle smelling!!! It would get me every time. :O) Oh well, maybe I just picked a bad night for everyone…

Well, I finally made it down to one pound less than my pre-pregnancy weight. Not that it’s all that impressive, I still have between ten and fifteen pounds to go to reach my target weight. But it’s encouraging that I’m steadily losing. Plus I’m beating Jeremy on our bet to see who can lose ten pounds fastest!! That’s always incentive… :O) (But don’t mention it to him, it’s a touchy subject) ;O)

I went to Michaels yesterday….it’s been a long while since I’ve been in there, but it rekindled our love affair. :O) They were having a GIGANTIC sale and boy, oh boy, did I ever have fun looking around!! I’ve been searching for a 24×36 inch frame for a project (I’ll post pictures after I finish…if it turns out well) and turns out that frames that large are very expensive! But darling Michaels had a 55% off sale so I got one for a reasonable price…well, MORE reasonable than any other I’ve found! Plus, it’s beautiful. The problem with going into places like that are that I come out with so many MORE ideas for projects…..
Aaaaahhhh…a little bit at a time. ;O) I can’t even count the number of hours I spent in the Fairbanks Michaels. Now if we’d only get a Joann;s superstore in the area…. (You’d think we’d have one down here, but NO, I get spoiled in Fairbanks and then come down here to a very UN-superstore Joann’s.)

I finally threw out my grandpa plant. :O( How sad. It had about two green leaves left on it, and I just couldn’t bear to see them die so I threw it out in my compost pile. Sigh.

I’m looking for amaryllis bulbs….

Ang and Josh will be here in a little over a week…as my mom would say…“I cant WAIT!!”