Okay, I have a lot of goals.
I’m the kind of person who always has about ten million things that I really, really WANT to do….but as soon as I start on one of these “projects” I get sidetracked by another “project” and then I find myself sitting in front of the computer thinking “how on earth did I get here and what on earth am I supposed to be doing?” And THEN I have to run around doing the stuff that I HAVE to do and never get back to my “projects.” Thus the “ten million.”
So here’s a great new “project” to add to my list!! Yay!! I love “projects!!”
I want to pick a subject…any subject…each week and research it for the entire week until I have a fairly good grasp of this…well, subject. Obviously, if I pick, say, Kenya, I won’t have a very good understanding of the subject even after a week of studying up on it. So the topic will have to be somewhat narrowed. Dur.
So…who wants to help me pick out some topics? The more, the merrier.
Come on…my “project” pile is dying for a new addition!!
Goodnight everyone!