No special reason for choosing that title. Just thought it would get everyone’s attention.
Well, I haven’t actually written much of anything in a while so this may be long. Or not. :O)
First off, Sparky died. His fin and then his tail fell off. I don’t really want to talk about it cause it was gross and I don’t know why it happened. Plus I feel like the meanest person ever for letting that happen…although I don’t know HOW I let it happen. Sigh. So no more bettas for me. I’m considering African dwarf frogs. Where would you even find those, though?
Let’s see….did I ever even post on Josh and Ang’s trip? Good grief…I’m further behind than I thought I was. Well, it was wild and crazy and we were SOOO tired when they left, but it was SO much fun!!! :O) Here is a quick synopsis of the week they were here. Saturday they flew in, drove out here, rested for a few hours, then we went out to my in-laws as usual for hamburgers that evening. Sunday we went to church, Pappadeaux (a seafood restaurant) in Dallas, looked at a car (another wagon identical except the color to the one we wrecked…which we ended up buying, by the way) in Fort Worth, screamed home to change clothes ( I can only wear dress shoes on Sunday morning…I’ve obviously been away from the banking world for a while!!), and managed to get back to church in time (unless you’ve bee down here and understand just how far apart dallas and fort worth and mesquite all are you won’t be impressed with that). Then Sunday night we went to Jake’s house for some incredibly yummy leftover cake from his friend David’s birthday.
Monday we got up and drove to Emory so the guys could ride the horses, we were there all day and managed to make two Sonic runs….the first time we ordered so much food that we were all literally sick but that eventually wore off and where did we find ourselves? Thats right, folks, sitting in the Sonic parking lot once again. (They wanted ice cream…bleh)
Tuesday Josh, Ang, Susannah, and I all headed for Temple. I held my very first PartyLite show at grandmas, then we had dinner at IHOP. We didn’t get to see Uncle John until the next morning before we left, but we DID get to see him. :O) We also stopped at grandpas grave (after wandering around the entire graveyard we STILL had to have it pointed out to us). Wednesday we went to Freeport and hung out with Heatherbunny and Calebbunny (that just sounds weird, but I didn’t want him to feel left out….Heather having a cute nickname and all and him being just plain ole Caleb) I got to see Pastor Taylor that night cause he was preaching a conference down there!! We visited with her for about half the day on Thursday and then headed back to Dallas. It wasn’t long enough, I wish we lived a little closer. Friday we went back out to Jakes and then to CiCi’s for pizza (yum!!) and finished the day out at Six Flags. It was open just in the evening so it was nice and cool (sorta) and there were no lines!!! Yay!!! Susannah stayed with her grandma and grandpa and auntie Michelle and did very well (so they say). :O) I’m not entirely sure they would tell me if she was bad. Saturday Ang and I went shopping and the guys went to the drag races. Then Sunday we went to church, ate at Roma’s (just the best Italian restaurant ever) then back to church. Monday they left. :O( So…see how crazy??!!! Somehow we also managed to squeeze in a haircut and highlight job and lots of Susannah-spoiling and pretty much non-stop talking. I included the list of restaurants (and that wasn’t all we ate…oh no…there were also Jack in the Box stops, more Sonic runs, lots of convenience store goodies, the list goes on….but all that to say…I did NOT lose any weight while they were here!!! Oh no. In fact I gained two pounds back!!! But thankfully I’ve now lost them and three more. Yay!!! I’m almost ten pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight. :O)
My first month with partylite has been fun and hectic and crazy. I’m not sure if I’ll do this long-term or not. It’s really fun but may not be super conducive to family life since the shows have to be in the evenings. I’m going to try it on a limited basis for a while and we’ll see whether or not it works. We don’t want it to be a job, just something for me to get out of the house a little bit with. Thank you to all you ladies who hosted shows, catalog or in-home. :O)
Well, I could go on for a while, but I think i better go. I need to go see if there’s any clearanced halloween candy. :O) I’m a sucker for markdown candy. Just ask Jeremy. He’ll tell you all about it.