We went to Glen Rose this weekend for our anniversary. Here are some photos of what we did and where we stayed.

The clock on the courthouse

A Park Bench

Self-explanatory :O)

In front of the really cool old hotel we stayed in.

The little fat one had to go with us because we went to see family on the way home. We didn’t mind though, she was pretty good and only had a couple huge diaper explosions….. :O)

The walk in front of the courthouse

Us…self portrait :O)

For Ang

Jeremy in front of the hotel

It was a really cool place, it operates as a bed and breakfast now but they’ve restored it and we were the only people there….it was beautiful!

Can you tell that I really liked the old courthouse? :O)

I realized that I’d been to Glen Rose before when I came down my senior year…eleven years ago I took a picture by this same gazebo (with Amanda)….I think my choice of companions has improved.

The courthouse at night

Our room

The hallway