Ever think about how often memories and object are linked? Here is my little memory corner…I had to leave a lot of my little trinkets behind when I moved, and trust me, there were a LOT of them…I’m a trinket kind of girl. But these are a few of the ones I cherish most and just couldn’t bear to leave without them. So here is a small tribute to those of you who’ve impacted my life (and this is in no way a comprehensive list, just a few).

The little round box is from Jo. She was one of my very first friends when I moved to Alaska. I wasn’t a very likable person so I’m grateful to her for putting up with me. I love Jo because she is such a steadfast friend. If she hates you, you know it. Hehehe!! And if she loves you…well, you know she’s there for you no matter what, even when you mess up. Or maybe especially then. Everyone needs a Jo in their life. I miss mine…

The snowman is from Dawn. She was also one of my first friends in Alaska. Dawn is very opinionated! I blame her for my opinions! She put some fun in my life when I desperately needed it. I always, ALWAYS think of Dawn when I see a snowman.

The little Peanuts fireman is from Amber. She knows how I love firemen!! (Not as much as you, Jeremy) Amber and I never knew a bad time. Shoes, food, bowling, laughing, food, shoes, food, shoes… I can still call Amber and know that I’ll laugh the whole time. Only now we talk about poop, spit-up, diapers, poop, blow-outs…. Everyone also needs a friend like Amber. Laughter really IS the best medicine.

The cross-stitch is from Danielle. I believe that God puts some friends in your life for a time just because you need them at that point. I don’t hear from Danielle anymore but she was exactly what I needed for a while. And I’ll love her for always.

The bowl in the back is from another past friend. Finely. He traded it to me for a batch of no-bakes. (Kind of like Esau, right? Just kidding!) I don’t know why I can’t get rid of that little pot, but I just can’t. I don’t understand what happened with Finely, really, but I do miss him. There’s no one else in the world like Finely.