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Here is a little glimpse into our day in Seattle.  We had about thirteen hours, right in the middle of the day so we had a good time wandering around, seeing the local sights and just relaxing.  Okay, the driving part was not so relaxing, at least not at first, until we realized how easy it was to navigate the city.  Very pretty, very clean, we were impressed.  I know I’ve been through there several times before, but I guess I just don’t remember it all that well.  Most of the photos are from the market we visited down on the bay.  We spend several hours walking and playing in a park on the waterfront.  All in all, we decided that it was nice to break up the flying.  We did intend to go to a church that evening, in fact, that’s why we rented the car in the first place, but when we got there we found out that they had afternoon services that day ( a member had died) so we didn’t get to go to church after all.  We did try though!

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