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Some of the groupThis is Jonnys masterpieceDavys masterpieceWould you believe that I didn\'t get any other pictures of Phil?Impossible to get a good shot of all of them (mostly because of Susannah)I think Jonnys expression is priceless...Davy is about to kick the ball out from under himIt won\'t rotate!!   Heidi with all of her Joann\'s lootHappy Birthday Heidi!Nice, JeremyWe miss you!Chef RatatouilleRide em, cowboy!Again, will NOT rotate!The Neanderthals return

In order:

*Part of the group at Angel Rocks

*Davy and Auntie Bek – Jonnys masterpiece

*Jonny and “Uncle” Bek – Davys masterpiece

*The guys – can yall believe I didn’t get any other photos of Phil?

*The cousins – impossible to get them all to sit still at once!

*Davy and Susannah – he loves her!

*Little wild men – Jonnys expression is priceless…Davy was about to kick the ball out from under him

*Heidi and her loot from Joanns – for some reason I could NOT get that photo to rotate!

*Jeremy and Heidi celebrating her birthday at Coldstone (bleh)

*Nice, Jeremy

*The girls – we miss you!

*Chef Jonny AKA Ratatouille

*Davy – Ride em, cowboy!

*Donna – again I’m the rotation idiot

*the Neanderthal returns from the mudding trip