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I will admit it. I am a bargain shopper to the core. Since moving to the booming metropolis of Dallas/Mesquite I’ve discovered how to use coupons the most effective way, resulting in quite a lot of free or almost-free groceries and household goods. I’ve learned that by utilizing the systems set up at CVS and Walgreens I can get name-brand shampoo, conditioner, shaving supplies, makeup, bodywash, facial cleansers, medicines, vitamins, cleaning supplies, diapers (yes, diapers!), baby supplies, room deodorizers, and a host of other interesting things (like candy!) for free. If paired with coupons it is possible to even make money off of the items. Because of this I’ve had the chance to try many new products that I would have never been able to afford before. One of my favorites has been the Febreeze Noticeables plug-in air freshener. They are the best in the market in my opinion.

However, there is one drawback to bargain shopping. There are certain items I prefer to buy a certain brand of, and that brand is not always the one on sale. I’m learning to stockpile when my favorite items do come on sale and I have coupons to match with, but sometimes I have to break down and just purchase something at regular price. It isn’t easy. I prefer the word frugal over the word cheap. :O)

All of this to say….I am SO enjoying the Tillamook cheese I bought when I was in Alaska. But oh, I am DREADING the day it runs out!! :O) Crazy, I know. But nothing compares to Tillamook cheese. A little bit of heaven on earth!

Here is a picture of what I bought for around $1.50 during one of my CVS shopping runs. And this was a comparatively small shopping trip!!