I learned the CVS and Walgreens systems on my own, but it was pretty hit-and-miss for a while. For those of you interested in learning how to save tons of money by taking advantage of their deals I’m going to recommend that you visit the following links for some fantastic tutorials that a fellow blogger has put together. In fact, I recommend her site highly to anyone who is looking to stay updated on current deals.




Her website is:


Just to share a great deal we took advantage of this past weekend, Sears had this promotion: Buy $100 worth of mens Dockers clothing, get a $75 Shell gas card back in the mail. Jeremy desperately needed some new clothing so he ended up with 4 new shirts, 1 pair of pants, and 1 pair of shorts for around $30 after we receive our gas card! Not bad, and he looks pretty amazing in his new outfit. ;O)