Ever seen one of the zillions of articles on the web, in the newspaper, in books, magazines, pamphlets, etc. that list the evils of diet Coke?

I love diet Coke.

In fact, I can admit it, I am a diet Coke addict. As in, I have NO DESIRE to quit drinking it. The articles say that I will be a stooped, fragile-boned, fat, old woman if I keep it up.

I’ll keep it up. Why kid myself? The first thing I want to drink in the morning is diet Coke. The last thing I want to drink at night is diet Coke. All those moments in between, yup, diet Coke. Actually, to be more specific, Coke Zero.

If I’m out of diet Coke, I am not satisfied until I replenish my store. If faced with the choice of dessert or diet Coke, I will choose the carbonation.

Just to clarify, I do NOT let myself have it as often as I want it. I try to keep it to one a day. I also tend to waste a lot. If it sits on the counter and gets warm and flat I will, without compunction, pour it down the drain.

Anyone who has known me for any length of time is probably thinking right now, “What happened to the Dr Pepper?”  As hypocritical as this sounds, come on people, Dr Pepper is so bad for you!

Now, off for a nice refreshing diet Coke. Bring on the osteoporosis.