Susannah is:

  • Taking steps…one at a time
  • Saying: daddy, momma, dog, doggie, puppy, jake, shoes, bye, oh boy, bite, please, audrey, yeah (I know, right?), yep, nope, susannah (in her own language, but it’s obvious what she’s saying), down, please, drink, and kitty. She surprises us every day with new words.
  • Taking a great interest in brushing her teeth
  • Throwing lots of fits for her momma, but not so many for her daddy
  • Always clinging to my ankles as I try to get stuff down around the house but as soon as I pick her up she suddenly remembers that she has SO much she needs to do and demands to be put down immediately
  • Weighing in at about twenty-two pounds
  • Still teething, but no new teeth yet
  • Celebrating her birthday tomorrow, a day early
  • The bright spot in my day