I’ve added a couple of new links if you are interested in checking out some amazing blogs!

Two are authored by the same woman, the first being Money Saving Mom, which I have mentioned before. She has by far the best deal-finding blog I have ever come across, and posts useful and interesting information each and every day.

The second link is this wonderful lady’s personal blog, Biblical Womanhood, which is full of Scripture-based thoughts, anecdotes, recipes, etc. She is an outstanding author and I would recommend anyone looking for an inspiring blog to check hers out!

The third blog is called Simple Mom and is chock full of interesting articles, artistic endeavors (crafts!), recipes, and time-management tips. I am in the process of adopting her home management notebook (or an adaption of it!) and absolutely LOVE her daily docket form, which she generously offers as a download for anyone who wishes to attempt to organize their daily schedules. She also has fantastic photos!