This week has been pretty crazy due to a deluge of doctor visits and errands.  Monday I went to the dentist for my cleaning, which is normally no big deal, but this time (is there anything pregnancy does NOT affect?) my gums swelled up and bled and it hurt like crazy.  In fact, they are still very swollen and I’m wondering if they will ever go back to normal?  I’m a little freaked out that they’re still the size they are.

Thursday was my first checkup and I got to hear the little one’s heartbeat.  It’s amazing that a child the size of a grain of rice can have a beating heart.  I also got some nausea medication…thank the Lord!

Then yesterday Susannah had a follow up appointment (the third one) for an ear infection we just couldn’t seem to kick.  Everything seems to be cleared up so we are grateful for that.

Is it just me, or do doctors universally overbook themselves so you ALWAYS end up waiting at least an extra hour to see them?  Why even schedule an appointment time?  Anyway, our week of appointments is over so hopefully we can steer clear of all things medical for a while.  :O)

This time around all I want to do is be home.  The thought of going somewhere in the heat, lugging my little twenty-three pound attachment is just too overwhelming most of the time.

But one more blessing….today it is not even supposed to hit ninety!  It feels unbelievably cool outside right now….we are so looking forward to autumn!!