I remember when I used to dread the end of August. In Alaska it marked the beginning of winter (practically), and I was never that eager to see the snow. Texas is quite a different matter altogether. Here we dread the end of April because we know we’re about to enter the furnace for a few months. I usually deal with summer pretty well, even enjoy it some, but this year it has been all suffering. Somehow the nausea of early pregnancy has left me completely unable to cope with the heat. I hide inside all day and languish (I like that word) when I am forced to venture out.

All this to say…I am so ready for autumn! The crisp feel to the air, the gorgeous colors, hot tea and cocoa, high school football games, crunchy apples, sweaters (yay!!!!), holidays just around the corner…the list could go on for a mile. I adore fall, but am looking forward to it even more this year. Besides, I barely fit into any of my clothes anymore and sweaters are a little more forgiving. :O)

So if you northerners would blow a little of that cool weather down here I would be eternally grateful. Or at least momentarily. Bring on the brisk!