Delicious autumn!  My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.  ~George Eliot

Happy 1st day of Autumn, everyone!  I’ve been eyeing this date on the calendar for a while now…it must mean something, even though it’s almost ninety out today.  We HAVE had a few cool breezes lately and once in a while can even open our windows at night.  :O)  Besides, I bought a bag of candy corn today so it MUST be autumn, right?  I wish I had some leaves to rake up!

Susannah thuds around all day and is only quiet when she’s either reading her books or getting into soemthing she’s not supposed to.  I have to sneak around to see what she’s doing so I can either catch her in the act (when she’s being bad) or not disturb her (when she’s being good) because then she realizes she’s being good and promptly quits.  Her phrase of the month is “thank you,” which I don’t mind if she keeps up forever.  She’s very grateful, I’ll give her that.  She is obsessed with peek-a-boo.  If I never have to “boo” again it would be too soon.  But I will.  Just as soon as she wakes up from her nap.

Jeremy is staying busy with projects around the house.  He just finished replacing all the bad siding on the back of the house and we’re getting ready to paint.  I have to figure out what color will look best with brick.  Although you can’t really see the brick and siding together…it still seems like it shouldn’t clash too badly.

Jeremy told me I can plant another tree in the front yard (we have a little oak already) so I’m going to get a magnolia.  I love trees.  Here’s a photo of a magnolia blossom, just to remind myself.   :O)