Jeremy and I had a chance to have a date night on Friday night and decided to use some free movie tickets I earned a while back to check out Kirk Camerons new movie, Fireproof.  We were very impressed; this was an excellent movie. If you are looking for a clean, well-made, entertaining Christian movie – this is the one for you.

It had plenty of action and humor to keep it from being sappy and had a truly good message.  This was no A Walk to Remember kind of Christian movie, but one that gave a pretty clear message of the need for salvation and the changes it should bring your life.

I was also impressed with the stand Kirk Cameron took on not kissing anyone other than his wife.  I remember when we went to see him at Transformed last year he said something about this movie and how much he had wanted to take the role, but had refused because of a scene where he had to kiss someone in the movie.   Apparently they worked it out to have his wife switch places with the actress in that scene so he could still play the part.  Not exactly something you hear from Hollywood every day.

And speaking of Transformed, did I ever mention how good that meeting was?!  Ray Comfort was definitely the better speaker, but the whole presentation was pretty great.  Ray came out with a Bible almost as big as he is…it was the hugest Bible I have ever seen.  He also said that he has a standing offer of $1000 to anyone who catches him without a tract.  Anytime, anywhere.  He said he was swimming once and some guy ran up to him and said, “Ah, ha!”  And he pulled out a soggy tract and answered, “AH HA!”  He was pretty funny.

Anyway, back to the movie.  Watch it if you have the chance.  I’m surprised it’s playing in mainstream theaters and glad we decided to support that one instead of a run-of-the-mill Hollywood production.  Some of the acting wasn’t fantastic, but overall it was by far the best well-made Christian movie I’ve ever seen.