I had one of those dreams last night where you come away remembering nothing definite, but having more of an impression of a feeling.  Hard to describe.  I just know that it was something like this:

You know that feeling you get right after there’s the first heavy snowfall of the year- you step outside, feeling the sharp bite of the cold air as your breath frosts in front of you, the darkness of the night and silence of the blanketed world striking in you a sense of wonder that returns at the beginning of each new winter.  One of those nights so black that you can see every burning star in the sky, the heavy snow deadening all sound until you find yourself so completely immersed in the moment that you feel a part of it somehow, losing the sense of your own entity.

That was the feeling I came away with.  I must have been dreaming of snow.  I know the wonder of winter is lost so easily in the daily drudge of warming cars and donning coats and boots.  But I so miss that first breathless moment.