I remember as a kid looking forward to the weekend just to get a break from the monotony of the school week.  I also remember as an adult looking forward to the weekend just for a break from the monotony of the work week.

Maybe its due to a faulty memory but I just dont remember having tons of stuff to do on weekends.  Other than church on Sunday and maybe some catch-up on Saturday…seems like I was always looking for something to occupy myself with.
Not these days.  Jeremy and his to-do list are always waiting.  :O)  Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather stand outside and paint with him on Saturday than sit inside and stare at him.  (Not that I don’t like to look at him…there’s a difference)

It just seems that these days I look forward to the calm of the week (if there is such a thing) to recover from the craziness of the weekends.

So what’s on your agenda this weekend?  We’ll be painting the side of the house.  And eventually it will be done….we’re just slow.  Mostly because Jeremy has to do all the work himself.  I’m either dying of heatstroke or running after Susannah most of the day.  Tomorrow should be nice and cool though.  If only the sun would cool off a degree or two.  ;O)