Well, it’s Day 3 and Monica’s challenge for today is to care for our homes.  As soon as I read her post about caring for the little things that often get put on the back burner I started thinking about my poor undecorated walls that have been on the back burner for….well, three years.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do much with them today because I’ve procrastinated about buying the right size frames, etc, so although I know more or less what I want on my walls I just didn’t have the means to do it today.  It did, however, motivate me to at least work on preparing for the eventuality.  :O)   So I have a game plan, at least!  I did hang one thing up, and here is my photo.


I also dusted my ceiling fans, which is a problem area for me.  I just never think to look up I guess.

And my final accomplishment in caring for the little neglected areas of my home was to scrape off the weird and disgusting goop that was accumulated around the window panes in our back door.  It was there when we moved in and I’ve tried to remove it before without much luck.  However, several hours and ten broken fingernails later…it’s all gone.  It’s a good feeling to have clean windows for the first time ever.  :O)  And just as a side note, the multi-purpose cleaner, Fantastic, is a, well, fantastic product!  Here’s my shiny back door!  I’ve enjoyed this day!