Today’s theme is Fun in the Home.  I have to admit…I’ve been so tired today that I’ve struggled to get much done.  I did clean my floors and my tub, which were the last two things I had on my list to clean this week.  Other than just general clean-up and the daily load of laundry (ugh) I haven’t had too much on my plate.  I’m still finding it difficult to find ways to incorporate Susannah into my days other than just playing with her in between chores, but she has been showing signs of interest in what I’m doing so I’ve been attempting to include her in the activities also.  It takes a lot more patience than just shooing her out of my way but she’s so happy to “help” that it’s worth the extra time (and effort!) just to see her happy little face when I praise her for a job well done.  Here she is today helping mommy sweep the floors.  :O)


For the fun part of the day I got out a toy that she loves that I usually keep hidden away in her room.  Because quite honestly, it’s annoying.  I simply can’t handle most of the noisy baby toys that are available but she really does have fun with this little piano/music maker.  My theory is that only getting to play with it once in a while just makes it that much more special!  After her nap I am planning to get some paper and crayons out and draw/color with her for a while and maybe take her outside for a bit.  Then we’ll be cleaning up and getting dinner ready a little early because my mom-in-law is taking Michelle, Andrea, and I to see a local production of The Sound of Music.  That fit in perfectly with the theme for today — fun!!

november-2008-031**Update…here is our drawing session.  It didn’t last long, but she had fun while she was at it!  Ten minutes is about as much as you can expect with the attention span of a sixteen month old!  She was more fascinated with seeing how many markers she could hold at once than actually using them.  :O)