My head is fuzzy.  I’ve been trying to get sick all week and I think it’s finally happened.  Personally, I’m not crazy about the fuzzy feeling…

It’s been a busy week.  Did anyone notice that I didn’t participate in the last day of Making my Home a Haven?  After all the activity last week I just didn’t have the energy to invite anyone over or share my home.  Sad, I know.

Saturday Regina and I went maternity clothes shopping…at thrift stores.  I love thrift stores, but I don’t get to go often.  Even bigger bonus: I didn’t have Susannah with me.  Now I love the child, don’t get me wrong, but shopping with a toddler just takes any pleasure out of the experience.  I’m fairly certain it’s not something they particularly relish, either.  So it was win-win: Susannah got to play with grandma and I got to shop in peace.

We had our Thanksgiving potluck at church on Sunday.  I made moms broccoli cheddar soup.  Mmmmhhh.  That sounds good right now…   I also made a pumpkin roll.  I’m not a fan of potlucks.  I know…this surprises you, doesn’t it?  :O)  But it was a good day.  And THEN I drug poor Michelle and Regina to the store with me to score some meat deals at Albertsons (I got $120 worth for $32!!) and some battery deals at CVS.  Jeremy said they looked worn out when we got back…ha!  They should go shopping with me on my regular shopping day!  ;O)

Speaking of which….I did Monday.  With Susannah.  Blech.  How Snoopy is that?

Tuesday I did some more shopping…because I didn’t get it all done on Monday.

Wednesday I tried to catch up on some housework.

Thursday I made another pumpkin roll for Jeremys Thanksgiving potluck at work (surprise!  Nice of them to let us know at the last second).

Today (Friday…just in case any of you don’t know…it’s been one of those weeks) Susannah had her first dentist appointment.  She was fantastic and the dentist was very impressed with her behavior.  It helps that she loves brushing her teeth.  She got her first big girl toothbrush and that impressed her. So much so that she tried to eat the plastic packaging right off of it in her efforts to work on her brushing skills.

I’m in the process of making yet another pumpkin roll for our big Lewis family Thanksgiving bash tomorrow.  And no, I will not be making one for Thanksgiving day.  I’m pumpkin roll’d out.

Oh…did I mention that we’re having revival this week?

And that Susannah has been running a fever and cranky?

How about that our freezer quit working…thus creating the question of just what to do with all those great meat deals that I took advantage of.


Next week I have grocery shopping, doctor appointment, Jeremy home on Wednesday (painting? probably.), Thanksgiving, and hopefully enough energy to go out shopping on Friday.  I’m pretty determined to do it this year.

Just because battling all of Dallas for that last talking Elmo (not really) is something everyone should do at least once in their lives, right?

I’d better get going.  The pumpkin roll is calling my name….