I didn’t take many….surprise, surprise.  But here are a few.

thanksgiving-2008-0142Of course I took a picture of Susannah!

thanksgiving-2008-016And Audrey…kids are so much easier to capture good photos of than adults…

thanksgiving-2008-017Jeremy and Teisha playing the Wii…probably the only video game ever that was worth inventing

thanksgiving-2008-020On the swing with grandma

thanksgiving-2008-018Taking a break…long day

thanksgiving-2008-006Guess who?

I just realized I didn’t take a single photo of our cajun feast.

Nor did I take my camera with my the next day when I braved the crowds with Jacob and Teisha.  Let me just say…it’s a whole different ballgame down here than it is in Fairbanks.  I’m talking, you cannot get down the aisles because there are so many people.  Awful.  But fun.  Once.