It’s easy to rely on my photo posts and feel that I’ve been doing a good job keeping everyone updated, but sometimes even the thousand words don’t really say much.

We’ve been busy and we don’t even really join in the whole holiday rat race all that much.  No holiday parties, plays, travel, etc, just regular old busy-ness, I guess.  We did take a road trip Saturday to Temple/Waco to visit grandmas and great-grandmas (or in Susannah’s case, great-grandmas and great-great-grandmas).  Jeremy’s dad went with us and we had a pretty nice time visiting each relative (or group of relatives) for a few hours.

In true Texas form, Sunday was beautiful, around 70 and sunny, and Monday was windy, wet, and never climbed out of the low 30’s.  I was hoping for snow this morning, but had to settle for frost.  I’m still holding out for snow on Christmas Eve, I figure if I hope for it every year it will have to happen at some point.  Right?

I still haven’t put my decorations up, but I’m planning on getting to that today.  At least a few.  I also somehow got way behind on my holiday treat-making schedule so I’m going to have to catch up on that a little bit.  At this point I begin to wonder why I even go to the trouble.  Jeremy and I have been dieting for a few weeks now in order to be able to over-indulge for a few days and not gain thirty pounds.  Probably not the best plan of attack, but we feel justified in our minds.  So don’t point out our flawed reasoning because we probably won’t listen.

The good news is that all the out-of-town packages and cards have been mailed!  Now I can just concentrate on checking my own mail box every day for the Christmas cards I know are going to start pouring in any day.  I shamelessly beg for them every Christmas.  Why should this year be any different?

On a different note, I won my very first blog giveaway this week!  Clair at Mummy Deals is sending me two new Il Divo cd’s!  I only own their first album so I’m pretty excited to receive these.  Thanks, Clair!

Well, I couldn’t find a chair for Susannah that didn’t cost close to $100 (at least) so I searched out a pattern and am going to attempt to make one myself.  It should be an interesting endeavor, especially since I’ve only got a little over a week to make it.  Maybe it’ll be easy.  Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

My mommy sent me some yummy mint chocolate candy things….so much for diets!

Well, that’s what we’ve been up to.  Now it’s your turn.  :O)